17 Best Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards in 2020

So you may be tired of finding the wrong sites promising to offer free Amazon gift cards using horrible generator tools and landing onto nothing. You should know that Amazon gift card generators can not create free working codes of any sort.

Does that mean there is no way to get an Amazon gift card code for free?

Well, there are indeed some ways to get an Amazon gift card for free. However, there is something you need to do to get a “free” Amazon gift card code. It includes signing up on various websites and selecting a page or other simple task similar to that. But consider yourself lucky as there are other ways you can get them without doing any of those.

Amazon Gift Card Generator (no survey)

If you are looking for working non-usable Amazon Gift Card Codes, then you are not the only one. More than thousands of people are searching across thousands of internet corners. It is clearly a huge demand.

But the challenge is that not everyone get what they are looking for – Getting gift card codes from Amazon without any survey or human control.

However, here a team of developers has developed the best Amazon Gift Card Generator that will help you generate free Amazon codes without any verification of any kind over here.

How do I get free Amazon gift cards?

Now let’s talk about all the real working methods and tricks to get free Amazon gift vouchers.

Let’s start with the cashback methods to get started with the list. What if you have to buy or purchase online and receive free Amazon gift cards? Not that much of a cherry on top.

Well, here are some of the methods that you can follow:

1. Amazon Promotion

It’s a good idea to subscribe to all promotional emails in order to receive updates with Amazon. If you regularly check your e-mail account, you will see that Amazon regularly offers options to spend money in gift vouchers’ exchange, so if you want to buy already, you can easily earn a small amount in the process.

Additionally, if you do not want to spam your email with the promotion, you can see discount promotion websites for available promotional codes and an ongoing cashback offer.

2. Fat wallet

Fat wallet is a promotional hub for all buyer addicts. You can sign up for various e-commerce websites including Amazon (free) and receive various coupons.
They can not only lead you to coupons, but they are indicative of how much money you can make by the retailers.
With fat wallet you can get a little deal as a free Amazon shipping code or catch a big fish like 25% cashback.
In the following set of executive methods, there are other third-party websites that work on GPT mechanism (Get Paid To) which reward you points for doing various tasks.
It could be something like an application or game from game subsidiaries, or an easy thing like creating an account or watching a video. These are the best sites to earn such returns without investment.

3. Swagbucks

For almost a decade, Swagbucks has ruled this category and in fact it is the biggest and most popular of websites in terms of GTP. Swagbucks offers dozens of ways to earn “swag bucks” (like the form of reward point or their currency). This can include things like promotions, social media sharing, or electronic trade-in.
Swagbucks is not just a website mode, but it also has an app that lets you earn gift cards on iPhone, Android smartphones, iPads or any other device you have.
There is nothing better than earning and getting compensation while running their website for free. They offer high quality free items such as Amazon Gift Card, Steam Wallet Card, Paypal Balance and more.

4. MyPoints

MyPoints still have a second place in GPT sites that provide daily rewards to its users, which offer similar tasks like the Swagbucks.
This site offers payouts to play games, watch videos, read e-mails, and buy online stuffs through their affiliates.
So you can enjoy earning prize points, which you can use to buy gift cards or even LED TVs.

5. Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel is a GTP site that is known for its significant support for its users. They offer a unique service that allows you to earn reward points on their site and use it from your account to order directly from Amazon.
This saves a lot of effort when the gift voucher is collected and redeemed. Less problems are always better, and Prize Rebel makes Amazon very comfortable.

6. RecycleBank

RecycleBank is one of my favorite websites, and it’s another GPT. It is different from other sites because their sole goal is to recycle and educate people.
By doing things such as reading articles about environmentally friendly practices and tricks, you can earn and redeem points for prizes (for example, Amazon Gift Cards).
If you want to enjoy the green planet, you can do something useful and implement the best initiatives to ensure a healthy and a green environment. They also provide products produced by environmentally friendly startups and companies.

7. Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk (better known as mTurk) is a branch of Amazon. It’s not just a survey site, it’s also a GTP Site and is more of a crowd-sourcing site.
You can earn money easily on mTurk by doing small tasks. These awards are then directly paid to your Amazon Payments account, which you can apparently spend on Amazon goods, or even directly to your bank account. This is useful for people who want to earn a little more with their free time.
There are some websites that offer Amazon gift cards to complete survey forms that cost just one minute. Such survey websites are supported by market research companies that manage online surveys received by startups and companies that want users feedback about their products and services.
In exchange of partnership, websites are rewarded with cash prizes and of course gift vouchers.

8. Valuable views

Valuable views are the most famous survey site and some of our developers have been members of the community for more than seven years.
I can receive a $ 20 gift card by sending an unlimited number of e-mails in one year.

9. Opinion Outpost

Surveys are often boring and annoying when you need to enter your data more than 5-10 times. However, this website offers interesting surveys and you can easily redeem your earnings for cash and other prizes.

10. MySurveys

MySurvey is one of the oldest and most famous sites, offering desktop websites with mobile apps that you can take when you take a cup sipping survey on coffee or on road by installing it on your smartphone for reward points.

11. SurveySpot

Like MyService, it also works on similar paths but offers higher payouts in respect of reward points. After completing many forms you can use it as an Amazon Gift Card.
The first set of methods works based on trading, which is essential for a free Amazon Gift Voucher.
Now you would say that you do not get a free card, but with some of the options, you will be trading a useful Amazon Gift Card code for items you do not own.

12. Amazon Trade-In

Amazon itself is more than willing to take your old or used goods. In addition, the best part of using Amazon Trade-In is that they cover all shipping costs. All this means that this is a pure profit for your exchange, which is always a good thing. Therefore, Amazon is giving a profit in the form of gift voucher codes. What Amazon is looking for is electronic devices and media. Movies, smartphones, music, music players, and other dozens of other electronic devices can be traded for gift cards. You can also exchange your old novels and text books for gift vouchers.

13. Card Pool

Cardpool.com is the official website for Amazon’s recent trading items. This is an online website where you can use your unused gift vouchers. There is a possibility of converting something special (such as fast food cards) for something you need (like Amazon Gift Voucher).
The good news is that Cardpool gives you hard cash for gift vouchers so you can easily buy Amazon gift cards or a product.

14. Gazelle

Gazelle.com is another place where you can sell your electronics in exchange for Amazon Gift Vouchers. Rates are competitive and they also provide payment by PayPal, apart from Amazon Gift Cards.
Gazelle is the best choice for transporting your old consoles and telephones, and the best thing about the website is that you’ll be paid more if you have taken care of your product.
So, if you have electronics without any scratch on a product, then Gazelle is the site to sell it to.

15. CoinStar

Coinstar is a traditional service you may be aware of. Put coins and get cash. And the good thing is that you can change all coins in exchange for free Amazon codes.
There is no service charge for the trading process, so it is a bargain in full sense.

16. Bing Rewards

Bing rewards are an easy way to get free Amazon awards. The process is simple and you just need to register with the Bing rewards and start using it as a primary search engine.
There is a daily limit on points that you can earn from the Bing rewards. Bing Search Engine offers many other benefits excluding free Amazon gift card codes.

17. Google Screenwise

You may not know but Google gives you rewards too. There’s a special tactic for Google Chrome users. All you have to do is add Google Screenwise to your device and it will automatically track internet usage.
This is easier than the Bing Rewards Method. They give you rewards in a few moments and a little later. Check out their website for more details.

How Can I Redeem Amazon Gift Cards?

Most websites and services will automatically provide Amazon Gift Cards which will be used to add balance and credits to your account.

For people who are unfamiliar with this, follow simple steps:

1. Open your Amazon account and go back to the Rewards section.
2. Choose to add a gift card to the account and enter Amazon gift card code.
3. All Amazon Gift Cards now include a unique alphanumeric code that you must enter.
4. After verifying the amount of the gift card, $10 or $20 will be added to your account.
5. You can buy anything in the Amazon online store with this credited amount.

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